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Picture a client browsing through your online store, only to be faced with slow page loading. They will most likely leave and visit a site that has a much faster loading time than yours. And that is where Burnt Bacon comes in handy with our web speed optimization services. Our specialists work to optimize the speed of websites to provide the user with the best experience, improve search engine rankings, and, in turn, boost the conversion rate and sales for your business.

Website Speed Optimization

The Importance of Website Speed in Today’s Digital World

Visitors will quickly abandon a website when loading takes too long. Therefore, prioritizing website speed optimization is vital.

  • Enhance user experience (UX): The high loading speeds will enable visitors to get all the information they need as soon as possible and create a base of loyal customers who will come to the site more often.
  • Increased conversions: Do you know that a one-second delay can cost up to 7% of your conversion rates? Website speed optimization is a sure way of increasing conversion rates for purchases, sign-ups, or any other action.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) powerhouse: Fast loading times are key ranking factors in Google algorithms. Speed optimization could propel your site to the top of search results.
  • Reduced bounce rates: Bounce rates are the number of visitors who leave your site after visiting only one page. Website speed optimization reduces bounce rates since it enables people to stay on the site for more time.

Comprehensive Web Analysis: Revealing Your Speed Potential

Our website speed optimization service takes a multiple-analysis approach to find areas slowing it down.

  • Performance audits: We employ performance audits that determine the loading speed of pages on various devices and browsers.
  • Code review: We will then analyze the source code of your website to determine the potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Resource evaluation: We analyze all website resources—images, scripts, and plugins—to detect any possible barriers to speed.
  • Real user monitoring (RUM): We use RUM tools to provide real user data on how visitors engage with your website.

Employing this array of methodologies, we gain a deep understanding of your website’s current state and set the stage for targeted optimization efforts.

Optimization Techniques: Boosting Your Website’s Speed

Our optimization experts quickly jump into action once they’ve identified factors limiting your website’s speed, using proven strategies such as:

  • Code minification: We strip away unnecessary characters, whitespace, and comments in your website’s code to reduce file sizes and speed up loading times.
  • Image compression: Our advanced image optimization technologies reduce file sizes without diminishing their visuals, so they load quickly without losing appeal.
  • Caching services: We employ browser caching strategies to store website resources on user devices, enabling repeat visitors to access them quickly.
  • Server response times: Our experts work with your hosting provider to identify and address server-side issues causing slow response times.

Mobile Optimization: Speed That Fits in Your Pocket

A growing percentage of visitors are browsing from their devices. Even minor delays could lead to frustration among the audience and lost conversions.

Our professionals utilize various mobile optimization techniques—image resizing, lazy loading, and responsive design, among others—to make sure that your site renders flawlessly on any screen size. It keeps mobile audiences engaged while visitors come back again and again.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs): Delivering Content at the Speed of Light

If all the people who visit your website have to go to one server to download the data, it’s like all the people in town going to one well to get water—very slow. That is where content delivery networks (CDNs) come into play.

Burnt Bacon utilizes CDNs, networks of servers located worldwide. When visitors access your website, content is delivered from the nearest CDN server, significantly decreasing latency (wait time) and ensuring faster loading experiences regardless of visitors’ locations.

Server and Hosting Optimization: Building a Speed Foundation

An optimized server and hosting environment are at the core of any fast website. Our team of specialists focuses on both aspects to guarantee optimal performance.

  • Server configuration tweaks: Our skilled tweakers optimize resource allocation, database performance, and caching mechanisms on your server so it efficiently handles website traffic.
  • The right hosting choice: After carefully considering your website’s needs and analyzing its goals, we suggest the ideal hosting plan, from shared to cloud or dedicated server options.

Performance Testing and Monitoring: Keeping Your Site on Track

Our dedication to your website’s speed extends far beyond initial optimization processes. We employ ongoing performance testing and monitoring strategies to detect any slowdowns before they affect visitors to your site.

This approach ensures that your site continues its lightning-fast performance over time while offering visitors an unforgettable user experience.

SEO Benefits: Propelling Your Climb to Search Engine Glory

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become integral to driving organic traffic online, with website speed being one of the key ranking SEO elements, especially on Google!

By taking advantage of our website speed optimization services, you can achieve faster loading times that send positive signals to search engines. This improves rankings while simultaneously increasing customer acquisition and retention rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Speeding Up Your Path to Success

With the current generation having little patience for slow websites, every second your site takes to load is an opportunity lost. Our speed optimization services lead to higher conversion rates due to the enhancement of the loading speed of the website, hence customer satisfaction.

When visitors can browse through your site effortlessly, they are likely to spend more time, view more pages, and perform certain activities, such as buying products or signing up for newsletters, thereby boosting conversion rates and revenues.

Partner with Burnt Bacon for a Thriving Online Presence

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Fundamental SEO

This package is for starting on the right track to increase their exposure and conversions.

  • 15+ Keywords
  • 2 Blogs (800+ words)
  • Business Citations
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Google Analytics Install
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Dedicated PM
  • Support 5 Days A Week

Growth SEO

This package is for anyone wanting to go a step further for site exposure.

  • 25+ Keywords
  • 4 Blogs (800+ words)
  • 4 Articles (500+ words)
  • 1 Press Release
  • 1 Infographic
  • Web Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Anchor Text Optimization

Performance SEO

This package is our top end SEO option. This is when you need the best of the best.

  • 35+ Keywords
  • 6 Blogs (800+ words)
  • 6 Articles (500+ words)
  • 2 Press Releases
  • Call To Actions
  • Site Speed Optimization
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