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Welcome to your next Website Optimization Company

Below is our list of services designed to help people with not only hosting needs but support of existing websites. Even though WordPress and Shopify are at the core of what we do, we can also support Squarespace, Wix, Magento and even Joomla. Is your website on a platform not listed here? Reach out to us and we will see if we can help.

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Web Hosting

If you go with basic hosting or any support plan we will host the website on our fast servers. Simple as that.


Malware Scans/Cleanup

We will scan your website for malware every day and if your site is corrupted, our team will clean the website.


WordPress Updates

Themes, Plugins, Core WordPress you name it, we will make sure the site is constantly up to date.


Update Requests

Client requested updates such as adding or removing pictures, services, general content etc (plan specific)


Firewall Protection

This help with keeping your website very secure as well as reduce Malware possibilities and ensuring website uptime.

uptime monitoring

Up Time Monitoring

Your site will be monitored through automation and in case it ever goes down, our team gets notified.


Daily Backups

We will back your website up daily in the event that a restore is required, also known as disaster recovery.


SSL Included

Secure Socket Layer or “little green lock” in your browser is very important as google is now requiring websites to have them.


Link Tracking

Help stop 404’s with constant link tracking. A good way to help your SEO as google does not like broken links.

A Website Optimization Company That Does it Right

Value. It’s simply what you get here. This is the foundation of making the right online marketing approach. All of the services offered above is the roadmap to your online success. If you’re looking for a website optimization company that can help you speed up your website and remove any website malware and even provide the hosting, then you are in the right place.

Burnt Bacon Web Design has been helping businesses improve their online presence and performance for years. You could have the best looking website on the planet but if you don’t have your optimization down then Google will frown. 

Website Malware Removal

You are under attack! No really, you’re constantly under attack when you have a website online. The most common ones are called “brute force” attacks. That’s when “bots” constantly try to login into your website over and over until they succeed.

Once they do, well then you need to contact someone like us because your website is now hacked. This is not the only way your website can be compromised obviously.

Sometimes your website is compromised and you don’t even know it until it’s too late, and that’s called malware. What’s the point of spending money to build a beautiful website just to have it overtaken by bad people with bad intentions?

You MUST protect your investment and this is where we come in. We will back up your website daily as well as run daily malware scans and to top it off, have a firewall protecting everything. It’s the wild, wild west out there and it’s absolutely crucial that you are proactive.

Website Optimization Company

At the end of the day, we are not only a fantastic website optimization company with a wacky name, but we like to think we know what we are doing. There are quite a lot of steps to making your website function how it should and that’s not easy.

The number of tools and time invested just to make sure Google is your friend, not foe is pretty high. Rest assured though, we will keep at it and make sure the value is there for you.

website optimization company

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Customer Reviews

Sean Finnegan
Sean Finnegan
Quality service at reasonable prices, a rare combination these days. Highly recommend!
leesa gustafson
leesa gustafson
Burnt bacon made me a such a beautiful website at such a fair price! They are very responsive and make fixes super quick. I wouldn’t go to any where else, highly recommend!!
Dillon Hurley
Dillon Hurley
Craig and his design team are brilliant at building polished and USER FRIENDLY websites. Dont sit there and try to build your own unless this is your niche'. There is a reason why I hired Burnt Bacon to build both mine and my wifes business site and that is because I'm not good at it and they're pros! They service our sites every month to make sure theyre always up and running! Whatever and whenever I need to add anything or refresh a page, they're on it fast. Pay the money to do it right! You only get one shot when you go live with your business site and if it looks like a 4 yo old did it, it reflects on your company. We have had awesome feedback and our clients love how easy it is to navigate through them. Craig works with every business, small or large to fit your budget. He understands that every company is at a different point whether it's a start up or an existing business, he will work with you. He has great customer service, knows what works and what doesnt work. I will keep recommending Burnt Bacon Web Design to any business owner that needs a fantastic site or needs to level up their old website! Thank me later!
Tareq Butler
Tareq Butler
The Bacon did my website. Before they did customers called us out on ours and thought we were either not professional or fake. Once The Bacon created a professional site for us, our sales staff never lost a sale again. We were literally missing 25% of our sales due to customer distrust of our site.
Kelsee Stevens
Kelsee Stevens
Fantastic! I own a digital agency, but turn to Craig at Burnt Bacon for certain projects. His designs are gorgeous, and he truly cares. Highly recommended!