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Shopify Development Services on the Shopify Platform

Here’s a list of what we can do for you in the wonderful world of Shopify. Did you know that Shopify has 2.1 million daily active users? That’s right, they are one of the big dogs in this Ecommerce fight.

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Shopify Platform

We will provide the Shopify development services you need in order to succeed in Ecommerce.

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Plug-in Setup

We will be happy to install and configure any Shopify plug-in you want us too, with the right info from you of course.



All websites, yes even Shopify sites have backlinks attached to them. We will make sure they are the good ones.


Update Requests

Client requested updates such as adding or removing pictures, services, general content etc (plan specific).


Point Of Sale

Shopify has fantastic solutions for POS that globally sync to the websites. They even have mobile POS solutions.

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Up Time Monitoring

Your site will be monitored through automation and in case it ever goes down, our team gets notified.


Shopify Agent

You will never have to deal with trying to reach out to Shopify for anything as we will act as your personal Shopify Agent.


Backend Setup

Domain syncing, Shipping setup, Merchant Processing Configuration. All part of the setup process that we will take care of.


Link Tracking

Help stop 404’s with constant link tracking. A good way to help your SEO as google does not like broken links.

Get Ecommerce help
in Salt Lake City, Utah

Selling products online can be one tricky beast. You can put all this time, effort, and money into an Ecommerce project and end up with disappointment.

This is why it’s so important to make sure you start off with an absolutely solid foundation. Our Shopify development services will help make that happen.

There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to setting up a Shopify Ecommerce website that it can be very overwhelming. Not to our Shopify Certified Professionals though. They will give you the Shopify development services you’ve been looking for.

We take pride in the fact that we specialize in this fantastic platform. It’s what we always prefer to work with for selling product online.

Don’t put the future of your online business in hands that aren’t capable. Put them in the hands of true professionals.

Shopify Development Services For The Masses

Let’s say you are running a brick and mortar business and you have a Point Of Sale machine that isn’t from Shopify and a informational WordPress site. Then one day you decided to sell your products online.

Why not make everything global and synchronized? Our team will not only swap out your Point Of Sale machine with a Shopify Point Of Sale solution, but they will make sure inventory is synced with the website.

This means while you get an online sell and a in-store sale (and even a trade show sell in a different state) you will have everything updated and synced in real time. Now THAT is a killer feature matched by none.

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Customer Reviews

James Bernard
James Bernard
Burnt Bacon is the best! We've worked with Craig and the team for years and they've never let us down. They've also kept to the crazy timelines we've asked for and been extremely responsive and professional. I highly recommend.
Nathan Nuttall
Nathan Nuttall
We have been using Craig and his team for over 5 years!! He has been huge in helping us grow our business. We’ve been constantly updating and fine tuning our page and Craig is always there to help. I’d recommend him to any business owner.
Wendy Pedersen
Wendy Pedersen
I have recently used Burnt Bacon Web Design as my Shopify developer, and I am extremely happy with the results! I am new to Shopify website design, and Craig at Burnt Bacon was very helpful in explaining everything and giving me great information to include in my site. I was very impressed with Craig’s knowledge of SEO! His ability to give me the specific information I needed to understand the ins and outs of Shopify website design that I was unfamiliar with, made me feel like I was in good hands. I highly recommend Burnt Bacon…if you’re looking for Utah web design, look no further!
Joe Fernandez
Joe Fernandez
These guys provide such a clean, top-notch up to date look to our website. Couldn't be happier! It pays to have qualified professionals on your side!
Sean Finnegan
Sean Finnegan
Quality service at reasonable prices, a rare combination these days. Highly recommend!
leesa gustafson
leesa gustafson
Burnt bacon made me a such a beautiful website at such a fair price! They are very responsive and make fixes super quick. I wouldn’t go to any where else, highly recommend!!
Tareq Butler
Tareq Butler
The Bacon did my website. Before they did customers called us out on ours and thought we were either not professional or fake. Once The Bacon created a professional site for us, our sales staff never lost a sale again. We were literally missing 25% of our sales due to customer distrust of our site.
Dillon Hurley
Dillon Hurley
Craig and his design team are brilliant at building polished and USER FRIENDLY websites. Dont sit there and try to build your own unless this is your niche'. There is a reason why I hired Burnt Bacon to build both mine and my wifes business site and that is because I'm not good at it and they're pros! They service our sites every month to make sure theyre always up and running! Whatever and whenever I need to add anything or refresh a page, they're on it fast. Pay the money to do it right! You only get one shot when you go live with your business site and if it looks like a 4 yo old did it, it reflects on your company. We have had awesome feedback and our clients love how easy it is to navigate through them. Craig works with every business, small or large to fit your budget. He understands that every company is at a different point whether it's a start up or an existing business, he will work with you. He has great customer service, knows what works and what doesnt work. I will keep recommending Burnt Bacon Web Design to any business owner that needs a fantastic site or needs to level up their old website! Thank me later!
Kelsee Stevens
Kelsee Stevens
Fantastic! I own a digital agency, but turn to Craig at Burnt Bacon for certain projects. His designs are gorgeous, and he truly cares. Highly recommended!