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Shopify Development Services
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Shopify Development Services Perfected.

For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish a robust online presence and streamline their e-commerce operations, Shopify and Shopify+ services can be a absolute game-changer.

Offered by our experienced team of Shopify Certified Professionals, these services encompass a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs.

  • 10+ years of Web Shopify Design and support
  • site design Tailored just for you
  • Shopify Certified Professionals
Our Shopify Services

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E-Commerce Websites

Selling something? Perfect. Have our Professionals create and support a Shopify or Shopify+ Website for you.

web design

Website Design

Our beautiful websites created in Shopify will make you proud that you put your brand online for all to see.


Shopify Help

Shopify can be a beast to deal with at times and that’s why companies come to us. Let us support you.

Shopify done right

Shopify Development Services at your fingertips.

From custom storefront design to migration assistance, search engine optimization, and ongoing maintenance, our Shopify Certified Professionals leverage their in-depth knowledge of the platform to ensure your online store runs smoothly, looks stunning and delivers an exceptional shopping experience.

With our team’s expertise, we can implement advanced features, integrate third-party tools, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, allowing you to focus on growing your business while benefiting from a secure, scalable, and user-friendly e-commerce solution.

Our Shopify services span the entire lifecycle of an online store, from initial setup and design to ongoing optimization and growth.

Having skilled Shopify Partners on your side that can handle the intricate process of migrating an existing e-commerce platform to Shopify, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal downtime can be a lifesaver to your business.

We can develop custom websites that perfectly align with your brand’s unique identity, creating a visually stunning and user-friendly storefront. Additionally, Our Shopify Certified Experts excel at integrating various apps and plugins to extend the functionality of a store, such as advanced reporting tools, shipping and inventory management solutions, and even third-party payment gateways.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another critical area where our Shopify Certified Professionals can lend their expertise, optimizing product listings, content, and site architecture to improve visibility and drive organic traffic.

As businesses scale, our Shopify services can assist with performance tuning such as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), security hardening, and scalability enhancements to ensure the online store can handle increased traffic and sales volumes without compromising speed or reliability.

Ongoing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting are also offered providing peace of mind and allowing merchants to focus on their core business operations while benefiting from a robust and high-performing e-commerce platform.

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Our prices show value and are very competitive, but as you know not all projects are the same. Once we understand your needs better, we will be happy to let you know the cost.

Just like building a website from scratch, our prices show the value and are very competitive, but as you may know not all projects are the same. Once we understand your needs better, we will be happy to let you know the cost.

Yes there is. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraud in this industry. For example there are plenty of “developers” that would be happy to take your money and not give you anything in return, or even a half-baked product. We want to make sure you know we are serious about getting the work done for you and done right.

Yes once you have fulfilled your end of the agreement.

Every quarter we give a percentage of our proceeds to Make-A-Wish and we feel really good about it. 🙂

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No you don’t but we wouldn’t recommend it as a website without SEO is like a car without gas.

A basic informational website (4-5 pages) at the time of writing this will be about 1.5 months. More complex sites will require more time. Holdup in getting us content will also take more time.

We sure can! But there’s a reason why people hire us to migrate their site to WordPress or Shopify, and that reason is those are the best platforms on the market right now.

WordPress has a ton of community and flexibility behind it. 43% of websites on the internet use WordPress. That comes out to 810 Million. We go where the masses are.

No one does E-Commerce like Shopify. Unlike WordPress, it’s built from the ground up to be E-Commerce. Yes you can use WordPress for E-Commerce but WordPress is just a Blogging platform with an E-Commerce plugin at it’s core. Shopify is Native E-Commerce.

Ryan Oliver
Ryan Oliver
Craig and the team at Burnt Bacon are fantastic!!!! Always available and willing to help with anything!!!!! I would highly recommend them to anybody interested in Web Design!!!!!
James Bernard
James Bernard
Burnt Bacon is the best! We've worked with Craig and the team for years and they've never let us down. They've also kept to the crazy timelines we've asked for and been extremely responsive and professional. I highly recommend.
Nathan Nuttall
Nathan Nuttall
We have been using Craig and his team for over 5 years!! He has been huge in helping us grow our business. We’ve been constantly updating and fine tuning our page and Craig is always there to help. I’d recommend him to any business owner.
Wendy Pedersen
Wendy Pedersen
I have recently used Burnt Bacon Web Design as my Shopify developer, and I am extremely happy with the results! I am new to Shopify website design, and Craig at Burnt Bacon was very helpful in explaining everything and giving me great information to include in my site. I was very impressed with Craig’s knowledge of SEO! His ability to give me the specific information I needed to understand the ins and outs of Shopify website design that I was unfamiliar with, made me feel like I was in good hands. I highly recommend Burnt Bacon…if you’re looking for Utah web design, look no further!
Joe Fernandez
Joe Fernandez
These guys provide such a clean, top-notch up to date look to our website. Couldn't be happier! It pays to have qualified professionals on your side!
Sean Finnegan
Sean Finnegan
Quality service at reasonable prices, a rare combination these days. Highly recommend!
leesa gustafson
leesa gustafson
Burnt bacon made me a such a beautiful website at such a fair price! They are very responsive and make fixes super quick. I wouldn’t go to any where else, highly recommend!!
Tareq Butler
Tareq Butler
The Bacon did my website. Before they did customers called us out on ours and thought we were either not professional or fake. Once The Bacon created a professional site for us, our sales staff never lost a sale again. We were literally missing 25% of our sales due to customer distrust of our site.
Dillon Hurley
Dillon Hurley
Craig and his design team are brilliant at building polished and USER FRIENDLY websites. Dont sit there and try to build your own unless this is your niche'. There is a reason why I hired Burnt Bacon to build both mine and my wifes business site and that is because I'm not good at it and they're pros! They service our sites every month to make sure theyre always up and running! Whatever and whenever I need to add anything or refresh a page, they're on it fast. Pay the money to do it right! You only get one shot when you go live with your business site and if it looks like a 4 yo old did it, it reflects on your company. We have had awesome feedback and our clients love how easy it is to navigate through them. Craig works with every business, small or large to fit your budget. He understands that every company is at a different point whether it's a start up or an existing business, he will work with you. He has great customer service, knows what works and what doesnt work. I will keep recommending Burnt Bacon Web Design to any business owner that needs a fantastic site or needs to level up their old website! Thank me later!

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