A lot of people out there seem to think that WooCommerce is the end-all-be-all of E-Commerce platforms. Just because something is a beast in the marketshare, does not mean it’s the better product. Here at Burnt Bacon Web Design, we have created our fair share of WordPress based WooCommerce sites as well as Shopify sites and we are here to tell you, hands down, Shopify is by far the better product.

Why? Now I could go into endless stats and geeky analytics to put you to sleep. Instead, I’m going right to the meat and potatoes of it all. Let’s start it all off with the core of both platforms. WordPress is a BLOGGING PLATFORM first and foremost, that uses an E-Commerce PLUGIN to make your purchase work. Shopify from the ground up, was built to be an E-Commerce platform and doesn’t depend on a plugin to get you sales online.

Now where does that really matter? The details. Not only is it an all around cleaner interface, but you just know you are using something specifically created to get you sales without the extra fat. Next up is hardware. Yes hardware, as in Shopify has native POS (Point Of Sales) solutions and…well….WooCommerce has none. This really matters when you are trying to sell your goods at a trade show as you can simply pull out your phone or iPad and get the sale done in real time with the website.

Let’s look at plugins. Both platforms have a very strong marketplace for apps but here’s where we think Shopify wins again. Simply put Quality vs Quantity. Most of WordPress’s marketplace apps start off on the free side, and then you pay for premium. Shopify’s is the opposite. At first we thought this was a bad thing, and then we discovered we were wrong. You see, when you pay a low monthly fee for a plugin, what do you get? A better plugin with better support. Why? Because of that green. Money motivates these plugin developers to get you the support and updates you need and when they fear losing the customer’s subscription, well that motivates. With WordPress, you have a very saturated plugin marketplace with abandoned plugins galore along with questionable support. This is no good when you have a mission critical site.

This is just a sample of why Shopify is far better than WordPress. If you would like to know more or even start a project, please feel free to contact us by clicking here or calling 385-309-2876.