Here is our most common questions outside of “What’s the story behind Burnt Bacon?” That my friend, you have to ask in person.

Burnt Bacon Web Design is a residential and commercial web design firm based out of Utah, but we cater to the entire nation.

Our process is very simple but very effective. We content gather, create, present, then launch. It’s a beautiful thing!

Our prices range depending on the project due to all projects being different. The bigger the project, the bigger the cost. Don’t worry, we are super fair with our pricing.

We will do almost any site under the sun. However we won’t work on questionable or illegal material. Sorry.

Oh absolutely! That’s a very big priority here at Burnt Bacon.

You mean Burnt Bacon? Who doesn’t like Bacon!? It’s nature’s meat candy!

YES! It’s the wild-wild-west out there on the internet and web site neglect happens all the time. Neglect means compromise and a compromised site means you are liable and could cost you not only your site but more!

Absolutely! It is one of our strong points as we have mastered it and will be happy to hold your hand through the process.

You really do pay for what you get when it comes to web sites and the maintenance of them. You want quality and value and that’s what we provide. Be smart with your decision now so you don’t end up with headaches later.


Let us tackle your latest idea or existing project. Tell us what’s on your mind today!

    ALL DAY.